Ikkat Pochampally Handloom Sarees Weaving Process Prasents By www.ikkatcollections.com

This complex method of tie and dye requires the yarn tobe dyed much before the process of weaving begins. Important information that you should know about the Ikkat sarees For washing, Soapnut  oil is used.Alum mordant fixes the patterns.

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Natural vegetable dyes are used on each and every strand to dye the yarn.At present, more eco friendly colors are put to use that do not cause any harm to the weaver.


The pattern is determined at the first place and depending upon that the tying and dyeing process is drawn on a graph.between Gujarati Patolas & Single Ikkat patterns

Double Ikat is a technique in which both warp and the weft are resist-dyed prior to weaving.
Obviously it is the most difficult to make and the most expensive. Double ikat is only produced in three countries:

Biggest challenge for Ikkat weavers

No matter how much interesting the tying and dyeing process appears to be, there is a huge difficulty that arises.
If in case any kind of error is made then it cannot be undone. The entire lot gets discarded as the weavers cannot redo the embroideries or color patterns.
This is why the weavers are required to be completely diligent and well experienced.

Pochampally Ikkat
This is one of the finest quality silks that has originated in Telangana and boasts of blending comfort with style.
Ikkat sarees spruce up your sense of fashion and also makeyou fall in love with the fabric.

Motifs and patterns.
It is because of the mesmerizing geometric patterns on the fabric that makes the attire look more contemporary.
Pochampally saree can make any woman look poised and beautiful. Apart from the geometric patterns, some traditional motifs are also common.

The Ikkat Pochampally saree is an everlasting ode to beauty. Even today, it continues to mesmerize designers and fashion lovers around the world with its elegance and grace.
In a world where trends change every week, the saree remains timeless and
the highly fashion-conscious contemporary Indian woman is as much in love with sarees as their traditional …

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